The San Gabriel Valley Bar Association is a professional society for lawyers. Our monthly luncheon meetings provide a forum for lawyers to discuss current developments in the law and to hear highly qualified speakers present on a wide range of subjects. The continuing legal education we provide is a particular benefit to our members who are solo practitioners or practicing in small firms.
Non-member attorneys are welcome to attend our luncheon meetings for $50 per person. One hour of MCLE credit for lawyers is provided at each luncheon.

SGVBA also supports the our local communities, such as by:

Co-hosting “Law Day” activities at the Alhambra Courthouse each spring to introduce local students to jury service, the practice of the law, and the operation of the judicial system.
Providing other pro-bono opportunities in the San Gabriel Valley to our members.

In addition, lawyers who are members of SGVBA may apply to be on the referral list of the San Gabriel Valley Lawyer Referral Service.

Please contact us at:

San Gabriel Valley Bar Assn.
P.O. Box 7085
Alhambra, CA 91802-9998

Email: president@sgvba.org

Membership Benefits

Members are entitled to attend our 10 monthly meetings, which include lunch and provide one hour of MCLE credit each. Up to 10 hours of MCLE credit are therefore available to members each year through the SGVBA.

Members are also encouraged to participate in other activities sponsored by SGVBA.

Join the SGVBA

Our annual dues are $300. A membership application is available HERE.